Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Join Our Club!

Thank you for visiting our website. By the fact you are here, you probably have an interest in train travel, and possibly seek long distance rail adventure. We hope so, as it is what we are passionate about! We created the Trans-Siberian Travellers Club because whilst there is lots of train travel advice online, most of it comes from places that are mainly just interested in selling you tickets (with a few notable exceptions). More importantly there are very few places where you can actually interact with people who have first hand experience of your route and can help with advice and suggestions to make your adventure an epic one. Our forum is therefore at the heart of our Club. It's the meeting place where adventures begin!

So join us today! Our Club is open to everyone who shares the passion for train travel, not just across Siberia, but on every continent. We are a new club, and keen to get active members in our first year as our position as the the leading place to discuss serious train travel unfolds.

Joining is simple - just register in our forum. Joining is currently free and we have several grades of membership recognising that our club is relevant to everyone with our passion from first time travellers through to full on rail explorers. Once you are part of the Club you will have access to the knowledge of our community as well as a range of train travel resources.

We look forward to meeting you in our forum!


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