Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Seeking Inspiration?

We know that feeling - you need some fresh ideas to put together that amazing next train trip. But where do you start? How do you make the transition from armchair traveller to someone on a mission? The answer is simple, follow in the path of other travellers who can both give you confidence and inspire you with what can be possible.

One of the main purposes of our Club is to share the adventures of our members. We want to showcase the amazing journeys and inspire others to try life on the rails, no matter how big or small!

We have launched our website with featured blogs from four travellers who have made major rail trips and made the effort to share their adventures with anyone who cares to follow their amazing journeys:

Toads Travel Adventures is Matthew's account of two Trans-Siberian journeys from the U.K. as far as Singapore and Shanghai. He is just about to embark on his third journey, this time to Tokyo by train. It is a great slice of what real life is like on the rails and packed with insight and detail of how to stay one step ahead whilst having some fun.

The Forbidden Railway is an account of a 2008 trip by Helmut and Oliver, a couple of slightly crazy Germans who decide to travel from Vienna to North Korea by train. They make a difficult journey possible through careful planning and some crafty tactics!

09.35 London to Sydney is an account by Peter and his 2011 meander by train through Europe, Asia and ultimately "down under". It is full of rich descriptions of the people and places as well as the physical journey by train.

Riding Rails is Jeff's 2011 personal account of four months travelling (as much as possible) around the world by train. He manages to recreate the pace of travel as well as a sense of place in each of his destinations.

We hope you find each of these stories of interest, entertainment and inspiration. Let's hope that we can feature your travel blog soon!

Where are you going on your next adventure?


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